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  • Chicago

Back home in London’s West End and now starring Martin Kemp as Billy Flynn, Chicago is celebrating 21 years of standing ovations in style. 

Winner of six Tony Awards, two Olivier Awards and a Grammy, Chicago is Broaway's sexiest, sassiest, and most sophisticated musical in history. 

The dazzling tale of jazz slayer Roxie Hart, her cell-block rival Velma Kelly and the smooth-talking lawyer Billy Flynn has thrilled audiences across the world since 1996.

With the original Broadway choreography by Ann Reinking in the style of Bob Fosse and a sizzling score featuring the classic songs Razzle Dazzle, Cell Block Tango and All That Jazz, Chicago is so good it should be illegal.

Pop legend and BBC’s Eastenders actor Kemp now leads the cast until 1 September 2018. Chicago is booking until 5 January 2019. What are you waiting for? It’d be a crime to miss it…

Last updated: July, 2018