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  • Dinosaurs in the Wild

Go somewhere you've never been before – back in time! Dinosaurs in the Wild will take you on the ultimate voyage of discovery. This immersive, live-action family adventure enables you to travel by time machine, back 67 million years, to experience living dinosaurs.

You’ll be transported to TimeBase 67, a research station set in the late Cretaceous Period, to see scientists at work studying them. Prepare to be enthralled by their laboratories, in which you’ll witness truly extraordinary things, such as a dinosaur autopsy, hatchlings emerging from eggs and young dinosaurs in cages. You’ll also visit The Lookout, with its huge windows providing panoramic views of the prehistoric life outside TimeBase 67 – and who knows, you may even encounter a massive Tyrannosaurus rex!

A visit to Dinosaurs in the Wild promises to be the most exhilarating experience, providing unforgettable encounters with some of the most incredible animals ever to have roamed the Earth.

Your seat in the time machine awaits, so book now – destination, the late Cretaceous!

Last updated: April, 2017

We currently do not have any tickets on-sale for Dinosaurs in the Wild.